sebadoh and suchlike
[Magic Ribbons drawing] 15 July 2007
Added the Freed Man reissue and the Wade Through the Boggs tour CD, added Been There All the Time and Beyond by Dinosaur Jr, and added the Deep Wound collections, Deep Wound and Almost Complete.

15 February 2007
Added Eric's Uncharted Waters and Lou's Mirror the Eye.

22 August 2006
Added the III reissue.

13 March 2006
Added In the Film They Made Us a Little More Articulate (a Lou compilation appearance), KVRX's Local Live Vol. 9 (a Sebadoh compilation appearance), and The Supreme Dicks' The Unexamined Life (a Lou bass appearance). Thanks respectively to Cam Finlayson, Bruce Siart, and Thomas Beatol for information.

Email me if you have interesting Sebadoh-related contributions to offer. Scans of articles are fine: I'll transcribe them. Plain-old comments and suggestions are welcome too.