sebadoh and suchlike
articles - sonic death, spring 93

The following took place backstage at Huxley's Neue Welt venue in Berlin, 9 November 1992, during the week or so of gigs for which Sebadoh joined us on the DiRty tour... There was a lot of overlapping dialogue going on which may account for the choppy nature of some of what follows... bunch people sittina rounda room talkin all at once.

L,K,T,S: Sonics
Lou Barlow
Eric Gaffney
Jason Lowenstein
Axel Schulz

Lee: Where does the name Sebadoh come from?
Lou: It's...nothings, nothing. I was really stoned one day (laughs), I was like 'ooohh -- SEBADOH! -- no -- no - no no no that was Poledo...
Lee: Poledo!
Lou: Poledo. I was really stoned - no no not Poledo -- 'Fukkin' Seat' -- I had these three words: Fukkin' Seat, SEbadoh, SenTRIdoh, PoLEdo...
Lee: (incredulous) "Fukkin' Seat?!?" See I always thought it was SENtridoh...
nn: (emphatically) FUKKIN' SEAT!
Lee: SENtridoh, you senTRIdoh...
Lou: No, there's four words: Fukkin Seat, SEBadoh, senTRIdoh, Poledo.
Lee: Okay, give me the history of each of them. Poldeo appears on the second Dinosaur record?
Lou: Yeh, and that one I was...
Lee: Wasn't it covered again recently?
Thurston: You mean I have to start saying senTRIdoh now instead of SENtridoh?
Lou: Well, whatever...
Steve: It's senTRIdoh?!? I've been pronouncing it wrong!
Lou: Poledo, Poledo was, uh - Poledo I was stoned when I figured that one out - and then I went upstairs and I just went 'Poledo!' into a tape recorder like a million times and ran it over the top of itself. And then, um...
Lee: (laughing) ...that's the basis of yr. career! ha!ha!ha!
Lou: ...and I was like 'Yes!', I thought it was fucking awesome when I did it. (insanely) Poledo! Poledo! (cupping mouth mic-like) Poledo! Sebadoh and SenTRIdoh both came up when I was like in High School, like when I was 13 or 14, I was just like singing - my friend, my best friend Scott - who didn't take me to the Minor Threat concert - his father died, his father died and J's mother died within like two months of each other, and when Scott's father died I was like sitting down, I'm writing a song and I was like, oh I wanna use the piano so I was using the piano and then I said - I just started saying senTRIdoh over and over again so I always associate that word Sentridoh with the death of Scott's father because I had no idea how to tell him what was going on - I was like, I have no idea what to say to this guy cause his father just died. And it was the same time as J's mother died and then my grandfather died like all like really quickly and I had no idea how to deal with it.
Lee: Does Sentridoh have a very, like, 'down' kind of cast to it...?
Lou: Pretty much, but it's also like it's kind of a, it's a melancholy, but it's hopeful at the same time, it's kind of like it's a rebirth name. It's got a down cast but I think it has it has CENTURY sort of...
Lee: What's this other one, this 'Fukk' one? What's it called?
Lou: That was the first one, one of the first times I got really stoned. I was just like "Fukkin' Seat! Fukkin' Seed!" and I couldn't stop repeating it...
Lee: Fukking Seed?
Lou: Fucking Seat! and I couldn't stop repeating it over and over again Fukkin' Seat! Fukkin' Seat! and I was like ooh!, I can't get it out of my head...!
Lee: And does that appear anywhere, in any way?
Lou: Oh, I repeated it over the top of myself and I played it into two tape recorders and then I had them both playing and I'm screaming FUKKIN' SEAT!! FUKKIN' SEAT!!! -- my parents were gone and I had it playing through these speakers really loud. (laughter) I have some tapes of it...
Lee: Did Poledo just come out again as something?
Lou: We did an electric version, we did like a punk rock vvshh/vchsshh fun like punk rockk version of it.

Lee: So what have you got against Helmet?
Steve: Get more! Get more Lou! Do Helmet play on yr new LP?? (laughs) It's like the Beatles vs. the Four Seasons! (laughs)
Lee: Yeh, I just bought that record recently!
Lou: Helmet are jocks and I really want them to beat me up cause I have this incredible like fascination with being totally beaten, y'know, so I want someone to just like slug me right in the mouth...
Thurston: Have you ever gotten like totally beaten up though?
Lou: Never!
Thurston: Yeh, I never really have either...
Lou: See I'm fukkin' I'm - I'm - I'm asking for it in any way I possibly can for somebody to just come up and go VSSHSHSH..
Lee: That guy whistling tonight...
Lou: Yeah! It's just like I'm asking for it in a big way...
Lee: "come up on stage, dude..."
Lou: It's like I want someone to pummel me into submission, y'know, so I'll like get the whole, I'll understand...
Lee: You'll reach nirvana...
Steve: Were you ever like humiliated, though, in school or anything?
Lou: That's funny you Nirvana because wasn't Kurdt Kobain completely humiliated, by somebody? He was, he wrote a song about it... didn't he? Kurt Cobain...??
Steve: 'Rape Me?'
Lou: I dunno, something like that...
Thurston: Rape me, yeah...
Kim: All his songs are about that, aren't they?
Lou: About him being like terrorized by some redneck guy...
Kim: Yeh, by the rednecks, yeh, where he lives...
Steve: 'Hey Devo!'
Steve: Did you ever get yelled at, that, walking down the street? "Hey Devo!...Fag!..."
Lee: Fag! (laughing)
Lou: This song by the Beat Offs on this cassette compilation, they have this song called Hey Devo, and they go djhoo djopbo djubbo HEY DEVO!
Steve: You guys do some Devo songs, though, right?
Lou: Freedom of Choice
Steve: Yeh, with Eric singing?
Lou: Yeh...
Lee: Which one is it?
Eric: Uh, let me see..., um I dunno...
Lee: (Watt-like) You sang it?!? Is it Mongoloid?
Steve: Yeh, you do Mongoloid!
Eric: (stunned) I've, ah, I have a version of that...
Lou: (vehemently denying) I've never done Mongoloid!
Thurston: (bemused) Mongoloid!
Steve: I've got a tape with Mongoloid on it...
Lou: Beautiful World!
Steve: Yeh, that's it...
Lou: Eric's version of Beautiful World, that's pretty cool...

Lee: Where did you guys meet?
Eric: ...Greenfield... grange, ah...
Thurston: you guys, you haven't recorded (the Necro's) 'Reject'...
Eric: (continuing) ...guiding... star...farm...
Lou: I know, no, do you think we should?
Eric: (continuing) ...ah, I dunno...
Thurston: Yeh, maybe you guys should record Reject.
Steve: Yeh, you could do that tomorrow really easily
Thurston: I used to love that song, y'know I heard you guys do that live, I was really jealous.
Lou: Well, we played that song with Das Damen, of course y'know we played a show with them and they weren't hanging out for the show of course while we were playing and I was like 'Where's Lyle?' cause I know it's his favorite song -- that's the only thing I know about Lyle...

[Ensuing untranscribable talk about hardcore cover versions including the Beastie Boys recent versions of Minor Threat's Stand Up and Screaming at a Wall ("...with the rocking' mosh part" -- Mike D).]

Lee: ...that's where you played yr first show?
Eric: I got a crew cut the same day, too, it was a marine flat-top -- I looked crazy
Lee: Was it a solo show?
Eric: Nah, 6 or 7 bands. I think Adrenalin OD was on that bill.
Lee: What was yr band called?
Eric: Grey Matter
Lee: Hey, wait a minute, was this guy Mitchell in that band?
Eric: No, that's a band from D.C. with the same name... The second band I was in, I sang, kinda y'know, screamed, it was a better band, at that time it was progressing so much, each month it was a really crazy thing and then we kinda split up - went on to start something else. No preservatives was the band.
Lee: That was the name of the band?
Eric: Yeh. No Preservatives.

Steve: Lou, what's the deal with 'Me and My Arrow'?
Lou: Nillson!
Lee: (humms) dee dee dee de dee
Thurston: You ever seen the movie? [The Point]
Lou: No never, have you?
Lee: Yeh, I've seen it many times, it's great!
Steve: But it's a totally twisted version, and who's it by? Is it you or is it Eric?
Lou: It's just me any a guitar.
Steve: It's just you but is it a radio station or something?
Lou: Yeh.
Steve: What happened there?
Lou: I was supposed to, well I...
Lee: You should record it tomorrow!
Lou: Well, I already recorded it...
Thurston: (lists) Reject, Me and my Arrow...
Lou: ...because I heard this song, no I listen to this radio station called WRCA in Boston -- all they played was show tunes and like comedy routines and then one day they played Me and My Arrow with the whole spoken word before and I was like what the Fuk is this? I never heard it in my life. I'm like wait a minute it's that fucking car commercial and then when I heard it I thought it was y'know very much about like uh I thought it was a very stoned kind of song. It's a lame cover...
Lee: It's a good movie - it's a really good song... I'd like to hear it. (to Steve) How did you hear it?
Steve: uh, Lou tape.
Lee: Oh, you get 'em...
Steve: (refusing a joint) No, I - I'm straight edge.
Lee: (to Lou) He's got the straight edge, dude.
Lou: I'm really sorry, sorry.
Lee: (mimicking) I'm sorry!
Steve: THROW HIM OUT! (laughs)
Lou: (hardcore stylee) Get yr drums! Outa my face!
Lee: Steve did you do the tequila and the champagne, or just the champagne>
Steve: No, I did the slammer.
Lee: He drank a drink last night and it didn't agree with him. At all.
Lou: That's cool.
Lee: yeh
Steve: It was peer pressure though, it was total peer pressure.
Lou: (hardcore) Peer Pressure! In MY Head!
Kim: Susanne had two glasses of champagne...
Steve: Susanne had two?
Lou: "I don't do drugs / I won't start / did 'em once / got blown apart..."
Steve: (laughs)
Thurston: [of the Turkish banjo he just bought] ...yeh, I guess west Berlin has the biggest Turkish population...

Steve: This is Jason and Eric's first time in Europe.
Lee: I know - how do you guys like Europe?
Eric: I like it all right.
Lee: Jason?
Jason: I have a pocket for each kind of currency.
Lee: good quote!
Steve: Wait till you get home, you'll have the 'change sock' of all the diff...
Lee: That's the trick when yr travelling in Europe - the day you leave a country for the last time spend every fucking coin you have just to get rid of it, or you carry it home and have a jar full of it...
Kim: Or just leave it...
Lou: I got, being a pseudo-veteran at this kind of thing, I did that. I only have like one kroner left. That's pretty good. I saved a 10 because it's such a beautiful coin.
Lee: Well the kroner are actually special because in a few months there will be no Czechoslovakia anymore, and they'll be, like, historical...

Lou: ...PC 69, Markt Halle...and Blixa was like, Blixa was doing speed in the bathroom...
Thurston: Really! How unusual!
Lee: Shooting or snorting?
Lou: I believe they were snorting, but I couldn't stay in the same room...

Lou: what's Caspar Bratzmann like?
Thurston: He's very, um, y'know all these guys in Berlin, they always wear like, they wear suits! Ha ha.
Kim: You know what Mufti's playing with Caspar?
Lee: They're playing together?
Kim: Yeah, Mufti's playing 'Black and Decker' (laughs) He can't figure out the word for it in English -- Black und Decker!
Lee: He's up to his old tricks then...
Lou: They what?
Thurston: They wear suits y'know, like black shoes black pants black suits. I said dude, y'know, lighten up!
Lou: Hah! hah! huh!
Thurston: I just feel kinda goofy when I talk to those guys, like if we're ever in the situation where we're in the same room as like Nick Cave, Neubaten, whatever, which happens once in a while...
Lou: Yeh?
Thurston: I just feel like a total, like, goon...
Lou: Really? I naturally just leave that situation, say, 'oh, that's nice, see you later' because I can't deal with it...
Thurston: They're all like really kinda glamourously dazzling...
Lou: And yr not a glamour guy...
Thurston: That's right...
Axel: I think I'm not going home to my wife tonight...