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[No image for this item] Bands That Could Be God - The Conflict Compilation

LP Conflict/Radiobeat CON 001/RB 003 ??/84 US

Tracks Time to Stands / You're False

Notes Two Deep Wound tracks. Includes an insert.

[Image of 'The Sounds Machine EP 1'] The Sounds Machine EP 1

7" - MACH 1 ??/88 UK

Tracks Throw Down

Notes A Dinosaur Jr track. Same version as on Just Like Heaven.

Came with the UK music paper Sounds.

[Image of 'Nothing Short of Total War'] Nothing Short of Total War

LP Blast First BFFP 13 ??/89 UK
CD Blast First BFFP 13 CD ??/89 UK
CD Torso Torso CD 155 ??/89 Netherlands

Tracks Bulbs of Passion

Notes A Dinosaur Jr track. This version is from a John Peel Radio One session.

The CD has one long track. The LP comes in a gatefold sleeve and has a paper band around it.

[No image for this item] The Devil's Jukebox

10x7" Blast First BFDJ 1 ??/89 UK

Tracks Bulbs of Passion

Notes Same version as on Nothing Short of Total War.

A numbered box set of ten 7" singles. Limited to 3000 copies. Includes a Blast First catalogue booklet.

[No image for this item] Vera Groningen - Beauty in the Underworld

LP Vera Vera 001 ??/90 Netherlands
CD Vera Vera 001 ??/90 Netherlands

Tracks The Lung

Notes A Dinosaur Jr track recorded live at Vera Groningen.

[No image for this item] SST Acoustic

LP SST SST 276 ??/91 US
CD SST SST CD 276 ??/91 US

Tracks Poledo

Notes A Dinosaur Jr track, though really it's solo Lou. Same version as on You're Living All Over Me.

[No image for this item] Buy This Used Compact Disc: A Dutch East India Sampler

CD Dutch East DEI 2064 2 10/93 US

Tracks Sweet Cheetah

Notes A track by Crush, featuring Bob Fay on drums.

[Image of 'Hotel Massachusetts'] Hotel Massachusetts

CD Chunk CHD 1005 ??/94 US

Tracks Alone At Last

Notes Lou co-wrote and plays acoustic guitar on this Steve Westfield track, an alternative take to the one included on Mangled.

The CD also includes an alternative version of Skull (see the Sebadoh - Compilations section).

[Image of 'The Bob Issue 50 Flexi'] [The Bob Issue 50 Flexi]

7" ? - 04/95 US

Tracks Fanzine Politiks

Notes Neil Strauss, Lou Barlow, and Bob Fay as Neil and the D-Tales.

Flexidisc that came with issue 50 of The Bob, a US music magazine.

[Image of 'Godz is Not a Put On'] Godz is Not a Put On

LP+7" Lissy's Liss 5 ??/?? UK

Tracks Eleven

Notes A compilation of Godz covers including a track by The Apollos (Bob Fay & Friends). Limited edition of 500.

[No image for this item] Thank You Bob!

CD - pb 001 ??/97 UK

Tracks Fanzine Politiks

Notes Neil Strauss, Lou Barlow, and Bob Fay as Neil and the D-Tales.

A compilation of tracks from flexidiscs that were included with The Bob, a US music magazine. Fanzine Politiks originally appeared on issue 50's flexidisc.

No record label. Maybe semi-legit. Limited to 500 copies.