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[No image for this item] It Lights Up and Spins Around

CA ? ? ??/98 US

Tracks ?

Notes Was available by mail order only and limited to 100 copies.

[No image for this item] Fields of Gaffney vol. 2

CA ? ? ??/99 US

Tracks ?

Notes Limited edition.

[Image of 'Brilliant Concert Numbers'] Brilliant Concert Numbers

CD Old Gold - 09/99 US

Tracks Hudson River Landing / Fields of Gaffney / The Other Day / Claverack / Loch Ness Monster / Dead Piano Place / Carried Away / All Sides / Cobweb Hall / Jittery Side Effects / 1983 / Moonlight / Reverb Subway Train / Rebel Waltz / Xylophone / Come On Along / Invisible Hands / No Expectations

Notes Limited to 1000 copies.

The recordings span the period 1989 to 1999.

Rebel Waltz is a Clash cover, Invisible Hands is a Hank Snow cover, and No Expectations is a Rolling Stones cover.

[Image of 'Nature Walk'] Nature Walk

CD - - 03/03 US

Tracks Push it Up to Me / Broke Up / Stars For Eyes / Wanna Be With You / Cold Weather / Long Journey / Accelerated / Oblivious / I Did Acid With Caroline / Cosmic Dancer / Gates of Steel / Pinball Machine

Notes Homemade in editions of 100 and available direct from Eric. At least the first 100 are hand-numbered.

Stars For Eyes is a new version of Scars, Four Eyes and Long Journey is a new version of Your Long Journey.

Push it Up to Me is a Troggs cover, I Did Acid With Caroline is a Daniel Johnston cover, Cosmic Dancer is a T-Rex cover, Gates of Steel is a Devo cover, and Pinball Machine is a Lonnie Irving cover.

[Image of 'Cosmic Chicken and Egg (Broke Up)'] Cosmic Chicken and Egg (Broke Up)

CD Animal Friends 002 08/05 US

Tracks All Alone Again / The Other Day / Yours is the Music for No Instrument / 1983 / Be All Mine / Drifts on Thru / Moldy Bread / Alone in a Bar / Losers of the Living Room / Accelerated / Smashed Up Tree House / Oblivious / Push it Up to Me / Crisis / End of a Crisis / Sleeping Blob / Precious

Notes Homemade and available direct from Eric, autographed on request. Initially 'limited' to 30 copies. There's a star on the bear's belly on some covers but not on others (?)

A collection of 4-track recordings made between November 2003 and November 2004.

Push it Up to Me is a Troggs cover and Precious is a Pretenders cover.

[Image of 'Uncharted Waters'] Uncharted Waters

CD Old Gold ? 10/06 US
CD Handmade HMR-007 10/06 Norway

Tracks Cold Weather / Twilight / Leave Me Alone / Gone Wrong / Shark Attack / Arcadia / I Want a Woman / Punk Rock Monkey / Coiled / Walked in Like a Byrd / Puzzle Piece / Someone Nice / Colorform Viewfinder / De-esclation / Singing Iceberg / Under the Influence of X + Minutemen / Too Bad Luck / Gold Trimmed Hat (Pro Brush finale) / In Line / Flash Flood Advisory / Baker Street / Time Zones / Nights Are Forever / Locket Love / Stampede Caribou Recipe / L.A. Jogging Soundtrack / Life Isn't Fun Anymore

Notes Cold Weather and Twilight are from Eric's January 2000 Sub Pop Singles Club 7".

L.A. Jogging Soundtrack and Life Isn't Fun Anymore are credited to Paws On, Paws Off (Eric and Janice Gaffney).

Baker Street is a Gerry Rafferty cover, Nights Are Forever is an England Dan and John Ford Coley cover, and Locket Love is a Ramones cover.