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[Image of 'Walk Thru This World With...'] Walk Thru This World With...

CA Chocolate Monk CHOC.0000005 ??/93 UK

Tracks Not a Man / Slam Dance Tonite / Kick a Cutie / Stereo / Why Do They Hide From Me / Sputnik's Down / My Head Really Hurts/ School / I Remember the Angels / Eternal Party / Third Mind Trouble / Walk Through This World / End of the First Side / Touch Me All the Time / A Winter's Day / Hey... / I Know What I Want Today / ...Hey, You Don't Say / I Won't Back Down / Better Than Allrite / License to Confuse / Let a Little Lovin' / So Sweet I Swear / End

Notes School is a Nirvana cover, I Won't Back Down is a Tom Petty cover, and Let a Little Lovin' is a George Jones cover.

[Image of 'Take a Look Inside...'] Take a Look Inside...

12" Communion COMM 32 ??/94 US
CD Communion COMM 32 ??/94 US

Tracks Blossom / Sputnik's Down / Slap Me / Chicken Squawk / Spiderweb-Butterfly / Had to Find Out / Better than Allrite / Why Do They Hide / Winter's Day / Boyfriend, Girlfriend / Shake a Little Heaven / Waltzin' With Your Ego / Take a Look Inside / Start Again

Notes Six of the tracks are taken from the Walk Thru This World With... cassette.

The CD comes in a digipak.

[Image of 'Dare to be Surprised'] Dare to be Surprised

LP Communion comm 45 ??/97 US
CA Communion comm 45 ??/97 US
CD Communion comm 45 ??/97 US

Tracks Pole Position / Wide Web / Insinuation / Barricade / That's the Trick / Checking in / Cold Night / Park Dub / Burning Paper / (Blank Paper) / Ball & Chain / Fall into November / Dare to be Surprised / River Devotion

Notes Cargo, the UK distributor, included a bonus 12" (see below) with the LP. The pair come in a stickered plastic sleeve together with a copy of the CD inserts.

Some copies come on marbled orange vinyl.

[Image of 'Bonus 12"'] [Bonus 12"]

12" ? comm 45M ??/97 UK

Tracks Insinuation / Insinuation (remix)

Notes Remix by Dust Brothers. Comes in a plain white card sleeve.

[Image of 'One Part Lullaby'] One Part Lullaby

CD Interscope 0694903362 09/99 US
2xCD Interscope 0694903362 ??/00 US
2xLP Domino WIGLP72 10/99 UK
CD Domino WIGCD72 10/99 UK

Tracks My Ritual / One Part Lullaby / Free to Go / Serge / E.Z.L.A. / Mechanical Man / Kingdom of Lies / Gravity Decides / Chained to the Moon / Merry-Go-Down / Someone You Love / No Need to Worry / Back to the Sunrise

Notes Some of the Interscope CDs include a bonus CD (see below).

[Image of 'Bonus CD'] [Bonus CD]

CD Interscope INTR-10044-2 ??/00 US

Tracks Tomorrow May Be Another Day / One Part Lullaby (instrumental version) / Mechanical Man (acoustic version) / Reservoir

Notes Comes in a plain white card sleeve. Attached to the One Part Lullaby CD case with a seal that reads 'FREE BONUS DISC! Folk Implosion Rarities'.

[Image of 'The New Folk Implosion'] The New Folk Implosion

LP Domino WIGLP118 02/03 UK
CD Domino WIGCD118 02/03 UK
CD Artist Direct Bmg ? 03/03 US

Tracks Fuse / Brand of Skin / Pearl / Releast / End of Henley / Coral / Leaving it up to Me / Creature of Salt / Easy