sebadoh and suchlike
lou barlow - compilations
[Image of 'Ghost of a Rollercoaster'] Ghost of a Rollercoaster

7" Shrimper SHR701 ??/91 US

Tracks Me any My Arrow

Notes A Harry Nilsson cover.

[Image of 'Pawnshop Reverb'] Pawnshop Reverb

CA Shrimper SHR 28 01/92 US

Tracks Certain Dance Circumstance

[No image for this item] Hot Tips!

CD Dedicated/Melody Maker DEDCD-010 06/93 ?

Tracks Same Old, Say Mold

[Image of 'Abridged Perversion'] Abridged Perversion

CD Shrimper/Brinkman BRCD018 ??/93 Netherlands
CD Shrimper SHR98(?) ??/?? US

Tracks Certain Dance - Circumstance

Notes 'A Shrimper compilation of Shrimper compilations.' The Dutch CD is limited to 500 copies, which include a hand-numbered sticker on the front of the case.

From Kathleen Billus's Sebadoh discography: 'Track 34 Lou Barlow Revolution #37 is not a Lou Barlow or Sentridoh original. It's tape manipulation of Barlow material, that's all.'

[Image of 'Ow, Quit it! Vol 2'] Ow, Quit it! Vol 2

2x7" Volvolo LO-705 ??/94 US

Tracks I Stopped Singing

Notes Comes in a fold-out sleeve and includes two inserts.

It actually features two short instrumental tracks and one short vocal track by Lou Barlow.

[Image of 'Cool Beans Split 7"'] [Cool Beans Split 7"]

7" - - ??/94 US

Tracks Morning Rain '92

Notes Split 7" with Dis-. Sold with issue three of Cool Beans zine.

[Image of 'Our Band Could Be Your Life'] Our Band Could Be Your Life

LP Little Brother Lb-003(?) 12/94 US
CD Little Brother Lb-003 12/94 US

Tracks Black Sheep

Notes A Minutemen tribute album. There were two pressings of the LP, each limited to 1000 copies.

The LP includes 23 of the CD's 35 tracks, and both include a track each by Lou Barlow and Sparkalepsy.

[Image of 'Escargot EP'] [Escargot EP]

7" Sick&Tired/Dark Beloved Cloud S&T001/DBC029 09/95 US

Tracks Sorry

Notes Sold with Escargot, a zine about music and the internet.

[Image of 'Chemical Imbalance Vol. 3, #1'] [Chemical Imbalance Vol. 3, #1]

CD - CI-009 ??/95 US

Tracks Loving Limbs / No Telling

Notes Came with Chemical Imbalance zine.

Lou named the tracks when he added them to the Loobiecore Klassix page (mid-'00s); they're untitled on the CD.

[No image for this item] Pipeline! Live Boston Rock on WMBR

2xCD Kimchee/Slow River KC001 03/96 US

Tracks Skull

Notes Compilation of tracks recorded between 1989 and 1996 by 40 local artists for WMBR's Pipeline!

[Image of 'More of Our Stupid Noise'] More of Our Stupid Noise

CD Squirtgun SQUIRT CD 74 ??/96 Canada

Tracks Blown Pony

Notes Comes in a greenish-yellow-tinted jewel case.

[Image of 'Flygirl EP'] [Flygirl EP]

7" - - ??/?? US

Tracks Riding

Notes Sold with issue seven of Flygirl zine.

Solo, acoustic version.

Riding is a Will Oldham cover.

[Image of 'More of Our Stupid Noise '98'] More of Our Stupid Noise '98

CD Squirtgun/Nettwerk 06700 30124 2 3 ??/98 Canada

Tracks Blown Pony

Notes Comes in an orange-tinted jewel case.

[Image of 'In the Film They Made Us a Little More Articulate'] In the Film They Made Us a Little More Articulate

CD Escape Goat EGR002 08/03 Canada

Tracks None of Your Goddam Bizness