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[Image of 'Losercore'] Losercore

7" Smells Like Records ? ??/92 US

Tracks Losercore / Really Insane

Notes Includes an insert with lyrics to both songs.

There is also a limited edition 'coverless' reissue, which comes in a simple yellow hand-written sleeve.

[Image of 'The Mysterious Sentridoh EP'] The Mysterious Sentridoh EP

7" Little Brother lb-001 06/93 US
7" Little Brother lb-001 09/93 US

Tracks Good in Others / The Spirit That Kills / Weakness is the Secret / Cold Love / No One Taught Me / No Matter What

Notes The first pressing was limited to 1500 copies and the second to 500.

[Image of 'Sub Pop Singles Club - Dec '93'] [Sub Pop Singles Club - Dec '93]

7" Sub Pop SP 251 12/93 US

Tracks I Am Not Mocking You / Survival / Helpless Heartbreak / Dirty Mind / Forever Instant

Notes Limited to 1500 copies on pink vinyl.

The final release from the first Sub Pop Singles Club.

[Image of 'Louis Barlow's Acoustic Sentridoh'] Louis Barlow's Acoustic Sentridoh

7" Lo-Fi Low 1 ??/94 France

Tracks Natural Nature / Don't Need / Endless Tease / Paranoid Revolution

[Image of 'Holding Back the Year'] Holding Back the Year

7" Domino RUG203 06/05 UK

Tracks Holding Back the Year / Refused

CD Domino RUG203CD 06/05 UK

Tracks Holding Back the Year / Finger / Terrorize

[Image of 'Mirror the Eye'] Mirror the Eye

CD Acuarela nois061 02/07 Spain

Tracks Yawning Blue Messiah / Faith Defies the Night / You're a Goat / My Surrender / Mirror the Eye