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[Image of 'Crab Boy the Loser Freak'] Crab Boy the Loser Freak

7" Goon Boy ? ??/?? UK

Tracks Losercore / Ride the Darker Wave / Homemade

Notes Blue vinyl.

Recorded at The Cattle Club in Sacramento, CA on 19 May 1992.

[Image of 'Local Band Feel: A Collection of Live Recordings 1992-93'] Local Band Feel: A Collection of Live Recordings 1992-93

LP X-Mas xmas001 ??/94 ?

Tracks 1. Rock'n Me / 2. Give Up / 3. Junk Bonds / 4. Not a Friend / 5. Fast Times at Riot Grrrl High / 6. Listen to the Lion / 7. Brand New Love / 8. Homemade / 9. Elixir is Zog / 10. Emma Get Wild / 11. Whitey Peach / 12. Cliche / 13. 2 Years, 2 Days / 14. Soul and Fire / 15. Willing to Wait / 16. Sixteen / 17. Games Got a Price

Notes Semi-approved by the band; they were given some copies as payment. Pressing of 1000.

Rock 'n Me is a Steve Miller cover, Listen to the Lion (not listed on the sleeve) is a Van Morrison cover, and Games Got a Price is a Flipper cover.

Track 1 recorded live in (most likely) San Diego, May 1992.

Tracks 2-6, 9-13 recorded live at the Cat's Cradle, Carrboro NC, 5 May 1993.

Tracks 7 & 8 recorded at an unknown location, 1992 (possibly May).

Tracks 14 & 15 recorded live for KCRW's Morning Becomes Eclectic Radio show, Los Angeles, 11 August 1993 (Lou solo accoustic).

Tracks 16 & 17 recorded live for Black Session, France Inter FM, Paris, France, 22 June 1993.

Overall sound is very good to excellent and most selected tracks are taken from soundboard recordings, except 1, 7, and 8, which are audience recordings. For some reason tracks 12-17 are at the wrong speed (too slow).

There's some tape-collage stuff between tracks including snippets of the 1991 Show tape (as released on the Soul and Fire CD-EP), Sebadoh on stage tuning instruments, giggling girls, and other random tape bits (incl. a short snippet of Lou covering Dinosaur's Tarpit, singing 'Got kicked out of Dinosaur').

[Image of '...In Tokyo'] ...In Tokyo

CD Bolide - ??/94 US

Tracks Prelude / Dramamine / Careful / Sing Something / Plate o' Hatred / Magnet's Coil / Not Too Amused / Got it / Freed Pig / Forced Love / Vampire / Soul and Fire / Soulmate / Rebound / Shit Soup / Beauty of the Ride / Junk Bonds / Together or Alone / Happily Divided / On Fire / Homemade / No Tears + Kill Yourself / What's Going On

Notes Recorded at The Loft in Tokyo on 6 July 1994. The recording was edited to fit onto a single 74 minute CD and four songs that were performed at that concert are not included.

The CD was produced and released by Anne Slinn and Bob Fay to cover the costs of the band's trip to Tokyo.

No Tears is a Flipper cover, Kill Yourself is a Pussy Galore cover, and What's Going On is a Hüsker Dü cover.

[Image of 'The Black Sessions'] The Black Sessions

CD Sangatte SANG 132 CD ??/04 ?

Tracks Elixir is Zog / Emma Get Wild / No Way Out / Fast Times At Riot / Swayed / Two Years Two Days / Together Or Alone / Cliche / Not a Friend / Vampire / Really Insane / Forced Love / Sixteen Love / Games Got a Price / Give Up

Notes Comes in a numbered card sleeve.

Recorded live in Paris on 22 June 1993 for France Inter's Black Sessions.

Fast Times At Riot is Fast Times At Riot Grrrl High, Swayed is Mystery Man, Sixteen Love is Sixteen. The sleeve lists Soul & Fire, but it isn't on the CD.

The Game's Got a Price is a Flipper Cover.