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sebadoh - compilations
[Image of 'Magic Ribbons Volume One'] Magic Ribbons Volume One

3x7" Leopard Gecko G005 12/89 US

Tracks Jaundice / Design / Dance / Cyster / Powerbroker / Lorax

Notes Box-set. Includes insert, poster, and 'Leopard Gecko Official Newsletter #1'. Limited to 1500 hand-numbered copies, of which the first 500 are on coloured vinyl.

[Image of 'Big Fish in a Little Sea'] Big Fish in a Little Sea

CD JAMA Disc 91-CDC-00506-A ??/91 US

Tracks Scars 4 Eyes

Notes Different version than on III.

[Image of 'Afternoon Delight! Love Songs from Sub Pop'] Afternoon Delight! Love Songs from Sub Pop

CA Sub Pop SP153? 07/92 US
CD Sub Pop SP153b 07/92 US

Tracks It's So Hard to Fall in Love (demo)

[No image for this item] [Sassy Single]

7" Sub Pop SP171 10/92 US

Tracks Soulmate

Notes Same version as on Sebadoh vs Helmet. Limited to 3000 copies, all on green vinyl. There is no picture sleeve, but it comes with an insert and a Sub Pop catalogue. The single was free to Sassy magazine readers who requested a copy.

[Image of 'Volume CD'] [Volume CD]

CD - 7VCD7 07/93 UK

Tracks Whitey Peach

Notes Live version recorded in 1993 at the Melkweg, Amsterdam by VPRO Radio,

Came with issue seven of Volume, which includes a seven page interview with Lou.

[Image of 'Curtis W. Pitts'] Curtis W. Pitts

LP Sub Pop SP230 08/93 US
CD Sub Pop SP230b 08/93 US

Tracks Sacred Attention / Show Snippets

Notes Sacred Attention is the same version as on Bubble and Scrape. Show Snippets is the pre-show tape from the Soul and Fire 12"/CD.

[No image for this item] Say Hello to the Far East

CD Sub Pop SP220 11/93 US
CD Sony SRCS 6867 ??/93 Japan

Tracks Reject

Notes Same version as on the Soul and Fire 12"/CD.

The Japanese CD includes Sub Pop stickers.

Reject is a Necros cover.

[No image for this item] Buy This Used Compact Disc: A Dutch East India Sampler

CD Dutch East DEI 2064 2 10/93 US

Tracks Gimme Indie Rock

[Image of 'Slanged'] Slanged

CD City Slang EFA 04914-03 ??/93 Germany

Tracks Brand New Love

Notes Same version as on Vs. Helmet and Smash Your Head on the Punk Rock.

[No image for this item] Play it, Vol. II

? Play It Again Sam ? ??/94 ?

Tracks Soul and Fire

[Image of 'Hotel Massachusetts'] Hotel Massachusetts

CD Chunk CHD 1005 ??/94 US

Tracks Invocation / Skull

Notes Skull is an alternative, short version. Invocation is a 25 second exchange between Lou, Jason, and an unidentified heckler recorded at a Sebadoh show at Bay State Hotel, Northampton, MA in January 1993.

The CD also includes a Steve Westfield track, Alone At Last, which Lou co-wrote and on which he plays acoustic guitar (see the Anything Else - Compilations section).

[Image of 'This is Fort Apache'] This is Fort Apache

LP MCA MCA-11179 ??/95 US
CA MCA ? ??/95 US
CD MCA MCAD-11179 ??/95 US

Tracks The Freed Pig

Notes Same version as on III.

The CD comes in a cardboard package that folds out to four sections. The booklet is attached to the third section and the CD slides into the fourth.

[No image for this item] Underworld Medium Rare CD #1

CD ? ? ??/95 ?

Tracks Punching Myself in the Face, Repeatedly, Publically

[Image of 'KCRW Rare on Air: Volume 2'] KCRW Rare on Air: Volume 2

CD Mammoth MR0107-2 ??/95 US

Tracks Beautiful Friend

Notes Live, acoustic version of Willing to Wait.

[No image for this item] 104.9 - An Xfm Compilation Album


Tracks Social Medicine

Notes Same version as on the Rebound CD.

[Image of 'Paydirt'] Paydirt

CD Sub Pop / WEA WPCR-932 12/96 Japan

Tracks Ocean (radio remix) / Surly I Do?

Notes Insert includes band profiles and lyrics (in English). Like many Japanese CDs, there is an OBI strip and a separate black and white insert with Japanese text.

[Image of 'The Lounge Ax Defense & Relocation CD'] The Lounge Ax Defense & Relocation CD

CD Touch and Go TG130 CD ??/97 US

Tracks Whole Hog

[No image for this item] The Hits Hurt

CD Domino WIGCD41 ??/97 UK

Tracks Too Pure

[Image of 'Tard & Further'd'] Tard & Further'd

CD Siltbreeze SB 52 ??/97 US

Tracks Cheap Shot / Delicious Cakes

Notes A compilation of tracks from various Siltbreeze 7"s. Recorded from actual vinyl records (rather than the original tapes).

Cheap Shot and Delicious Cakes are taken from the Oven is My Friend EP.

[No image for this item] [Uncut - March 1999]

CD ? ug-3-9 03/99 UK

Tracks Tree

Notes Came with the March 1999 issue of Uncut magazine.

[Image of 'Spring Offensive'] Spring Offensive

CD NME NME SPR 99 ??/99 UK

Tracks Flame (exclusive acoustic version)

Notes Included with UK music paper NME. Comes in a card picture sleeve.

[Image of 'The XFM Live Sessions'] The XFM Live Sessions

CD - - 12/99 UK

Tracks Cold As Ice

Notes Included with the January 2000 issue of Select, a UK music magazine.

Cold As Ice is a Foreigner cover.

[Image of 'Local Live Vol. 9 - "College Ruled"'] Local Live Vol. 9 - "College Ruled"

CD ? ? 09/05 US

Tracks New Worship

Notes Recorded live on KVRX, 31 July 2004.